AIS Stretching Session – A specific protocol is used for the most therapeutic approach in accessing all 634 muscles of the body. This is the most effective treatment I offer.

Muscle Release Technique – Combines deep massage with AIS. Relaxing and therapeutic.

Stretch For Health – An instructional session in which you are taught proper stretching techniques. To maintain healthy muscles.

One On One Stretching Session – Here we will both get on our stretching mats and I will guide you through a complete stretching session. I will demonstrate while coaching you on proper technique.

Group Stretching Classes – Here just like the one on one session I will lead a group through an hour of specific stretching while demonstrating and instructing.

Relaxation Energy Work – A combination of Reiki, Tibetan Bowls and Music can be used lets design a relaxation session for you.

Custom – Here we can use a combination of the other services to find what works best for you and your position you and your body are in.


Package of 4 saves $5 per session.

55 min $95   – Package of 4 for $360
70 min $115 – Package of 4 for $440
85 min $135 – Package of 4 for $520