Meet Kurt

Kurt Westbrook

Hi, I’m Kurt Westbrook.

I am a licensed Massage Therapist (MA#43734) and I specialize in Muscle Release Massage and Active Isolated Stretching.  I started my career with the goal of finding them most effective modality available.  After researching Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Stone Massage, Sports Massage, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial, Cranial Sacral, Reiki, and Power Yoga, I stumbled upon the Muscle Release Technique (M.R.) and (A.I.S.).  I incorporate a wide variety of these modalities into my bodywork, but the foundation is based on M.R. and A.I.S.

I use these two therapies due to their effectiveness in benefiting all areas of the body.  The system is based on a 2-second rhythmic active stretch with multiple angles and rotations.  If the stretch reflex kicks in at 3 seconds to contract and protect a stretched muscle it then becomes an isometric contraction, not a stretch.  It also slows down circulation every single second the stretch is held, so a 20 – 30 second stretch is diminishing circulation to an already stressed muscle.  Activating the opposite muscle being stretched used reciprocal inhibition to get the muscle being stretched to its maximum length and then lengthened…i.e. stretched.

As a massage therapist, if I don’t move my client and just use my hands and arms I can only get to half of the tissues in the body.  If I move my client using these two techniques I can affect and lengthen all 634 muscles in the body as well as the fascia.  If I used any of the other therapies as well as chiropractic, orthopedic, drugs, physical therapy, surgery, tens units, hydrotherapy, or energy work, until I lengthen the muscles break up any scar tissue, loosen crystalization and calcification, restore full circulation, release tension and make sure all of your cells are getting rid of waste, getting fresh oxygen, freeing up joints, all other attempts will be diminished due to the tight muscles.

Just like when a builder builds a house it has to have a strong foundation for the house to be solid and secure, for our bodies to be in balance all of the muscles have to be working. When our muscles contract and relax this pumping mechanism helps circulation of blood and lymph fluid. If a muscle become rigid short and tight it constricts blood and lymph flow, crams our joints together, weakens, atrophies, slows metabolism, compresses nerves. The body has to have circulation to heal, if you diminish or slow the circulation in our bodies in any way you, are in fact slowing down the amount of oxygen and nutrients that gets delivered to tissue that has to be rebuilt.

During a bodywork session I like to do an overall analysis on my clients to see where tension is being held and which muscles are tight then create a plan custom to each individuals needs. Focusing on relaxation, flexibility, breathing, circulation, range of motion, and training to teach the client how to maintain the progress that we achieve. My goal is to give the most effective and thorough therapy possible in the time allowed. Remember “Your muscles are your motors, have they been tuned up lately?”

Kurt Westbrook
L.M.T. ma#43734
cell 407-375-7390
Nationally Certified and Insured

Multiple locations in Orlando as well as in home and onsite available. Ask me about my referral program.