Stretching!!!!!!!! Why stretching? You ask. Well when I got out of school my goal was to be the best. To find the best bodywork/massage modality. My research led me to Muscle Release Technique. This modality is a 2 second stretch combined with a massage stroke.  Which led me to Active Isolated Stretching. An active 2 second stretch specifically targeting all the muscles in the body. So as I learned with regular massage techniques, I could not get to all of the tissues of the body (about 50%). But with these stretching techniques I can address all the muscles and fascia in the body. Why is this important? All it takes is one muscle to lock up and that can throw your entire body out of wack. Your muscle are your motors. They move you, they help circulate fluid/oxygen through the body(needed to heal), they are your metabolism (fuel burners), warmth(energy), and  joint support. So when your muscle stop working properly/efficiently all those functions can be effected. So stretching allows me to get to all of your muscles and get them working for you and not against you. Have you ever had all of your muscles stretched ?


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